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LONG LOST FAMILY is returning.  Contact me if you would like to find your birth family.
ADOPTION TRACER - Finds your birth relatives, parents, brother's, sister's, uncles and aunts, cousins and half-siblings. 
Find it hard to trace? Don't know where to start? Got so far and can't go further? Born before 1975!
I was adopted at birth before 1975, into a loving family and have set up this website to help others trace their birth relatives in the UK.  Norcap helped me to find my birth file.  To start you can contact your local social services or see the direct gov website.  Social Services are swamped with enquiries and are very slow in gaining the birth information.  Allow several months including seeing a counsellor but they will be able to order your original birth file (recommended).  Contact the GENERAL REGISTER OFFICE to order BMD certificates, (or see direct gov/adoption) for info on your birth certificate and in some cases your birth file.  I can help you find information much quicker than social services as they don't provide a tracing service.  You will not need to have counselling with me, just an informal chat (or email/text) on who and what you are searching for.   So far birth families have been found by myself before social services have even found the birth file!  My quickest case took 24 hours.  I will require your birth certificate as ID and any other information you may have.  Some cases can take a little longer.
What I can do for you:  I can search your birth family tree going back to great grandparents/grandparents then come forwards to find living relatives including your birth mother or father if known, and any siblings.  I cannot offer intermediary services as I am only a researcher, but I can give the information to social services or an adoption agency who can investigate the information.  (it is best not to contact directly).
What I need from you:  If possible the adopted persons birth name but if you do not have this then we can order the original birth certificate and any information that will help, depending on the case.  It might be a good idea to think what outcome you would like - do you want to meet them or just know about your family history.  It is also advisable to seek advice from Social Services, as they may be able to gain access to your file.
Prices:  Prices are individual or package, starting from £25 for the initial registration.  Contact me for individual prices as some people have more information than others.
New for 2013:
Buy my e-book:  "An easy guide to finding your birth family" - special offer £5
Recommended Websites: and and Genes Reunited.  I recommend you start a tree on genes reunited with your birth name.
 I can also help find friends and family that you have lost touch with, providing they were not adopted and changed their name.
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