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Contact me for Individual Prices for Tracing service.


Taster sessions are offered 15 mins for £10

Angelic Healing - £10 x 15 mins, £20 x 30 mins or £35 x 1 hour
Place:  Comfort of your own home.

Crystal Healing - £10 x 15 mins, £20 x 30 mins or £35 x 1 hour
Place:  Comfort of your own home.

Animal Healing Sessions £10 for 15 mins.

Angel Card Reading - Taster session = £5 per card.  
Taster sessions offered x 15 mins: £5 x 1 card or £15 for 3 cards.  
For 1 card, choose a power animal (comes with a written description), or an Angel or an Archangel to guide you and look over you.
For 3 cards, try the past, present and future cards or a reading.
Place for taster sessions is online, by phone or skype or by email.  I could only do a visit for the £15 session if local to me.
For Readings:
Each reading/questions answered takes 15 mins.  I use one pack with 3-6 cards for each reading.  2 packs = £25 for 30 mins or 4 packs/3 packs+angel cutting cords for £35 for 1 hour.

Healing/card reading Parties on offer, eg great to raise money for charities - £10 per person, min 4 people, max 8 people (£15 mins per person).  
Mrs Jenny Aldridge 
28 Blacklands Meadow, Nutfield, Surrey RH1 4EW

Telephone:  Mobile: 07906995492 
Birth, Marriage or Death
Price: £15.00
For Any Services I can accept paypal or cash or bank transfer:
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