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Heirs, descendants, pass your heirlooms to your family
We help with probate research.  There are over 14,000 cases on the BV list so if you think you are an heir, then contact us.
I work with a another researcher covering the UK.  Occasionally we find relatives abroad.   
For whatever reason a Will was not made, it means the money that has been left, will be taken by the Government - 'unless heirs come forward and claim their inheritance'.  It's the equivalent of all that hard earnt savings going to pay a hefty tax bill and will the Government use it in a charitable way?  It could have simply been left to a charity and helped a good cause.  
A person can claim up to 30 years on their relative's estate but they must be a direct heir and next in line.  This could be a parent, a grandparent or a grandchild, a brother/sister, an uncle/aunt, a cousin, nephew or niece.  The amount of the estate will not be confirmed until a claim has been made. 
My role is to find heirs and to put the claim in for them, covering all their expenses.  So there is no cost to the heir.  We do charge a Finders Fee commission, which comes directly from the estate.  Our fees are competitive and based on the fees charged by the Heir Hunters Association.  It's a win/win situation, without us you probably wouldn't be aware you could inherit and without you we wouldn't be able to cover our expenses and help others.
There are over 12,000 unclaimed estates in England & Wales,  listed on the Bonavacantia website  - Could you be an heir...
Contact me to put in a claim for you.  If I have contacted you , then I have already done the research and believe you could be an heir.  Proof will be needed and then the claim will be put forward.  I can then Administer the estate for you, making sure all heirs get their share if others come forward.
Requirements to claim:  Proof of ID.  The person must be an heir, over 18, to claim.  Documents should be sent be either special or recorded delivery  Cases can take from 3 months to a year to pay out, the delay mainly being finding heirs abroad or waiting for documents.

Message for any heirs contacted recently;  If you do not wish to claim then money for yourself, please consider donating it to charity or to  your next of kin/grandchildren..

Beware of Scammers
We are Professional members of the Heir Hunters Association and charge a set fee.  However some people are not and there may be occasional scammers out there.  If you are unsure of the person you have been contacted by, please contact the Heir Hunters Association for advice.  

There are over 14,000 cases on the BV list, my advice is check who your grandparents cousins are and search the list.
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jenny Aldridge is a Professional Member of the Heir Hunters Association - &
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