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An amazing year ended with the meeting of all 5 brothers and sisters at my mothers house in Manchester and my kids bring introduced to their 15 cousins! On top of that, went to my uncles 70th birthday and met my cousins! Crazy big family! Thank you  CB
Well done to the latest success stories! Please send me your photos/story to add to this page.
Congratulations to Bev on meeting her brother at the weekend, glad it went well.
Jenny found my birth mother in 24 hrs - fantastic, (Caroline, England)
Jenny found my Uncle in one week and relatives in Australia (Jan, UK)
Thank you so much for finding my family in Portsmouth!” 
'I am so pleased you helped me to find 2 brothers and a sister' in Cornwall
Thank you for finding my birth mother and family in New Zealand
Thanks for finding my birth mother in Spain,
I am now in touch with relatives in Scotland
Thank you for finding my brother, hopefully good things to follow. London
Thank you for finding my aunt in Bromley, Kent
Thanks for all your advice, Ireland.
The meeting with my family in Wales went really well, thank you! Chris
Thank you for finding my father's family in Norfolk and Aunt in Suffolk
My Story
My Story
Adopted, found my birth mother, and my birth father's line and now have 3 bros, 1 sis and some wonderful cousins.
Jill & Jenny
My birth mother 1937-2014 RIP to my birth mother who sadly passed away. A wonderful lady and so glad I had the chance to know her. Love her always x
Jill & Jenny
Julie & Elaine
Julie & Elaine
Sisters - Congratulations!
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